thu20feb - 22All DayQAT - 23rd Qatar International Arabian Horse ShowRacing & Equestrian ClubCategory:Championship,ECAHO - A


Event Details

This Show is subject to the Constitution and rules of the European Conference of Arab Horse
Organisations (ECAHO) and is an international (Category A) show organised and supervised by
Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC).

Show category: A
Date: 20.-22.2.2014
Place: Doha, Qatar


All enquiries should be addressed to:
Purebred Arabian Horse Show Section
Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club
PO Box 7559, Doha, Qatar
Fax: (+974) 4812385, Tel: (+974) 44197626
Email: [email protected]
QREC Website: www.qrec.gov.qa



بطولة قطر المعود في بطولة قطر ٢٠١٤