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Sultan Al Suwailem

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From a land renowned for the breeding of purebred Arabian horses, combined with the expertise of graphic design, we add a content of beauty, befitting the beauty of purebred Arabian horses and their fans, with provision of neutral and credible news. Alassalah graphics design team is looking for new creative ideas in the service of the marketing purebred Arabian horses, satisfying their owners and keeping their fans in suspense. We are honoured to serve you and strive for your satisfaction.


  • To seek to raise awareness among the breeders and owners through publishing useful articles on breeding and training.
  • To be the preferred source for the breeders and owners of purebred Arabian horses in instant follow-up of all that is new and useful for upgrading of breeding and possession of Arabian horses.
  • To pioneer in providing the services of proportions designing and e-marketing specialising in the field of equestrianship.



  • Mr. Abdulaziz Al Qurashi (Editor)
  • Mr. Abdulbagi Balla (Senior Editor)
  • Mr. Salem Bin Mahfouz (Editor)
  • Dr. Basem Bader (Editor)
  • Mr. Sadeq Abu Nofah (Translator)
  • Mr. Sultan Al Suwailem (Chief editor)


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